Manic Pixie Egirl
Manic Pixie Egirl

Nate Lemcke

THE WORLD IS ENDING ON AUGUST 8TH 2024 AND ONLY THOSE WHO KNOW HOW TO JUMP TIMELINES WILL SURVIVE.. Trigger Warning: Strong Sexual Themes. A secret book makes its way into the hands of two spicy content creators who go viral when their unusual videos end up creating an apocalyptic sex cult.. A former government manifestor risks her life to reveal the plans of a covert organization known only as Project Looking Glass.. And a man without a shadow is tasked with finding the High Priestess in the land of Tarot.... All of these stories converge in a wildly prophetic book that promises to deliver us back to the true timeline, the one that existed before 9/11, a timeline where nature and community are valued over corporate profits and greed.. DON’T GET LEFT BEHIND.


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