Asiri and the Amaru: Pisqu Sweet and Sour Book 1
Asiri and the Amaru: Pisqu Sweet and Sour Book 1

Natalia Hernandez

Asiri has a gift - she has the ability to speak to animals. However, when she begins to feel that her talents are being abused in her home, she escapes to a delightful coastal village where she plans to hide her gift and finally live a “normal” life.This proves difficult as her path keeps crossing with Dario, the village’s charming and handsome animal healer - and the person most likely to guess her secret.Through a twist of fate, Asiri and Dario stumble across an injured Amaru, a creature who had, up until then, been thought only to be myth.Now, Asiri has a mission.Convince Dario to help the creature.Protect it from the superstitious town people.Keep her gift a secret.And absolutely, most definitely, NOT fall in love while doing so.. Asiri and the Amaru is a Cozy Latin Fantasy Romance based on Peruvian mythology and is intended for adult audiences.


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